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Services include

  • Yoga classes heald at multiple locations in Tucson,  Sahuarita, and Green Valley.
  • Workshops help for Dental Professionals by appointment
  • Private and small group lessons taught by appointment
  • Have sentient yoga at your office, dental or other professionals

Coming Events

Videos to come for your personal access  at all times.

Mission Satement

Bringing yoga to those who thought it wasn't for them. Specifically those in the dental field will learn how to free restrictions and feel better in their bodies.  Clear instruction, simple and short techniques.  Bringing awareness to the myths that surround yoga. Teaching the truths or "Satya" of yoga and ensuring "Ahimsa" is the number one focus of your practice, (non harm).  

Current Deals

Sahuarita Small group rate: 4 people for $75, taught at private homes.  This intimate setting gives you and your closes friends/family the opportunity to learn specific guidance for you.

Share the big news

Transform yourself this new year.  Learn breathing techniques to reduce stress.  Learn asanas/postures to improve body alignment.  Build strength and endurance. Focusing on physical health often leads to improvments in emotional wellness.

Display their FAQs

As a registered dental hygienist my passion is to serve other dental professionals. I understand intimately how yoga can help improve your life. I do work with all individuals, and do not teach dental professionals exclusively..  Give me a call if you'd like to set up an appointment.